super smiles start at 7.

What Sets Us Apart.

Around our office you might notice a large number of cans of 7Up. Seems strange, right? Well, this carbonated aesthetic motif works as a reminder of the American Association of Orthodontics’ recommendation that anyone age “seven and up” have an evaluation with an orthodontist to monitor teeth as they are developing and growing in!

Most kids at this age don’t need treatment yet. But starting the process and setting up regular check-ins is the best way to ensure your child’s smile gets the attention it deserves when the time is right.

Regular growth and development checks are important, which is why every visit is complimentary until it’s time for your child to begin treatment!

7Up Kids Club.

Upon your first visit, your child will automatically be entered into our 7Up Kids Club program. During each scheduled visit–generally every six- to nine months–they’ll be rewarded for great oral hygiene habits, good grades, and any community service projects they’ve participated in.

Our 7Up Kids Club is THE club to be a part of, and your child will love being an honorary member! With sweet prizes and rewards like slime, squishies, gift cards, Gregg Ortho swag, and so much more, your child will look forward to each visit. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing their teeth and bite are being monitored regularly by professionals who care deeply about setting your child up for lifelong success.